The most stunning area on the planet Norway

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I had acquired some lube ahead of time which he currently put on his hard cock. He was ideal behind me, preparing our rectal journey. It was a strange feeling. Like the silence bevor the tornado hit. I fidgeted as well as really did not know whether to be afraid of what was going to come or to eagerly anticipate the prospective satisfaction I was mosting likely to appreciate. Perhaps a little both. "Are you ready?" I heard him state. Was it mosting likely to harm? Just how would certainly it feel? I simply really understood in this moment that I was about to be permeated into the butt. For the first time! "Yeah, I am ready," I replied, "yet slowly please". His penis would certainly enter my asshole at any moment now. I shut my eyes and tried to relax. I reduced my back a little more to really make it simple for him to enter. I heard him taking a breath behind me. It was truly hot to absolutely exposing myself to him by offering my ass like a canine! After that he existed. I really felt the pointer of his dick at my ass. That was excellent. It felt good.

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