The most lovely place on the planet Norway

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I had purchased some lube ahead of time which he now place on his tough penis. He was best behind me, preparing our anal experience. It was a weird sensation. Like the silence bevor the tornado hit. I was nervous and really did not recognize whether to be terrified of what was mosting likely to come or to anticipate the potential enjoyment I was going to take pleasure in. Possibly a little bit of both. "Are you all set?" I heard him state. Was it going to harm? Exactly how would certainly it really feel? I just genuinely understood in this moment that I will be passed through into the ass. For the first time! "Yeah, I prepare," I replied, "but gradually please". His cock would certainly enter my asshole at any moment currently. I shut my eyes as well as attempted to relax. I lowered my back a little more to really make it simple for him to get in. I heard him breathing behind me. It was truly sexy to totally exposing myself to him by offering my butt like a canine! Then he was there. I felt the idea of his dick at my butt. That was great. It really felt excellent.

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